Go to Camp for $50.00

Can this be real? Going to a full week of camp for only $50? Yes, it is very real, and very awesome.
If you memorize the requirements for your age group, you will only have to pay the $50.00 DEPOSIT! Continue below to see what is required and how it works.
Any questions, please send an email to our registrar.

Click here for memory verse requirements

How it works:

Students going into grade 2 memorize passages: Psalm 100 and Psalm 23

Students from grade 3 - 12 may learn passages, subjects, or a combination of both (until the 10 verses per column requirement is met). This means the camper must learn either the passage or subject list for each grade up to and including the one they are going into.

When memorizing, the camper must learn the references for each verse as well as the passage heading or subject it belongs under.

A whole passage or subject (including reference) must be recited at the same time to your Pastor or Sunday School teacher.

Please bring a letter with you to the first day of camp, signed by your Pastor or Sunday School teacher, confirming your required memorization, or be prepared to recite them at camp on registration day.
Memory Verse Program