Leaders In Training

LIT Application

The Leaders In Training program gives you, the student, the chance the see more of what God does at LSBC throughout the summer, beyond just one week as a camper. When you sign up to be an LIT, you agree that you want to learn how to better serve God more wholeheartedly and effectively in camp ministry. You already have a love for camp, that's obvious. And you also have a desire to lead and care for younger campers in a variety of ways, whether that is through cabin leading or various support staff roles. So the LIT program is a great step in becoming an effective camp leader. Those who take part in the LIT program have gone on to lead in just about every area of our camp (cabin leaders, kitchen, support staff, discipleship director, program director, lifeguard).

Should you decide, "hey, this seems like the best way to spend my time this summer! I'm going to become an LSBC LIT!", you will get the chance to take part in a variety of activities to better prepare you for life as a staff at Living Springs (because we all know that once you've been to LSBC, you're there for life!). These activities include bonding time with other LIT's, interactive classroom learning with knowledgeable leaders, property work projects (at both properties), general cleaning and maintenance of the camp, spending time with young and enthusiastic campers in cabins under the guidance of an older Cabin Leader, and much, much more!

At this point, you might be thinking, "Wow! Could there be anything better than this?!" But wait... there's more!
Once the camping season is completed, and the last canoe has been put away for the winter, you will then be able to take part in LIT gatherings throughout the year! Along with other LIT's and your leaders, you will be able to participate in encouraging times of discipleship where you will study God's Word, pray for each other, and also pray for those who visit our camp summer after summer.

The friendships and memories that are made during your time as an LIT will always be important. But even more significant will be a deeper understanding of God's Word, and a great opportunity to be better known by Jesus.

LIT Instructor