Term: 3 weeks  


Responsible to: Discipleship Director, LIT Instructor and Cabin Leader 

Necessary Qualities Include:

  • Must be a dedicated Christian who enjoys working in a camp environment.
  • Must at least be going into Grade 10.
  • Must complete the required application procedure
  • Specifics of the Program:

The goal of the LIT program is to help our campers make the transition to become helpful staff at Living Springs. Our focus is to help our LITs become disciples of Jesus Christ. Our focus is two fold: first, we give our LITs an opportunity to better understand the gospel message and what it means to follow Christ; second, we give our LITs an opportunity to sacrificially serve at Living Springs. The LIT program incorporates elements including classroom learning, hands on experience and relational connection with other LITs, campers, cabin leaders and LIT directors.

His/Hers Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • To complete all requirements assigned by the LIT Director
  • To assist and learn from Support Staff in leading program activities.
  • To assist and learn from Cabin Leader in leading cabin activities.

 LIT Application