At LSBC we believe that prayer is a crucial and central part of our ministry. Throughout the years we have seen numerous answers to prayer and we want to continue to seek Him and praise Him in all things. You can come and check out prayer needs from time to time, or subscribe to the RSS feed and have them delivered to your e-mail. Thank you for supporting the ministry at LSBC in this way!

LSBC Prayer Requests

Prayer Items
19 January, 2012 12:26:12 PM MST
Prayer Requests:

  • need for a PR person
  • campers
  • staff
  • Congratulations to Landon Looy and Auralee Dennis on their engagement, and pray for wisdom for them as they decide if and how they will be involved in camp ministry this summer.
  • Congratulations to Warren and Kim Carlson on the expected arrival of their first baby.

New Prayer Items
15 September, 2011 1:26:12 PM MDT
We had a great camping season and praise the Lord for His faithfulness and work at camp. Moving forward, please keep these things in your prayers:

  • Praise the Lord for the 2011 camping season
  • Pray for all those campers who made decisions down at camp this season, especially as they head back into another school year.

September 10-11 we will be inviting any Senior High Campers back down for a follow-up retreat. Most of our Senior High staff will be there and will be looking at connecting and building a plan for the school; how they can support the campers and keep their camp decisions alive in the journey forward. We are very excited about this but know that it will be met with spiritual adversity. Please pray for the right kids to be there and the right conversations to be had.
One of our staff

The annual meeting on November 20, 2011
Building and Construction: We are hoping to get our sewer prepped and in before the frost. Please pray that the right decisions will be made and the timeline moved along successfully.

New Campus
10 November, 2010 12:26:12 PM MST
Pray for the development of the new campus.
It's a new year!

10 November, 2010 12:24:06 PM MST

Praise the Lord for another exciting year at LSBC.