Living Springs Bible Camp would cease to exist without the help of the hundreds of people who volunteer throughout the year. Ranging from ladies helping out in the kitchen on the Church Work Days during the week, to the countless number of people who join in the Camp Set-Up and Clean-Up days, LSBC volunteers are the unsung heroes of our camp. Serving in the background, they rarely get the recognition that the summer staff (such as the counselors and support staff) get.

But that doesn't take anything away from their importance. Thank you so much to all who are involved in the behind-the-scenes, volunteering ministry of Living Springs.

In addition to the many summer staff that LSBC is looking for, we are also looking for people who are willing and able to volunteer a few hours out of their day to help out in the behind-the-scenes running of the camp. Please ask your church Camp Rep. if you are wanting more info about volunteering at LSBC for:

  • Work days at camp (spend a few hours helping out in the kitchen)
  • Scheduled camp work days (typically in May, June and September) 
  • Single-day maintenance assistance (typically in July, August, helping the Groundskeeper during camp)
  • Mowing lawns and other maintenance
  • Work on the new camp property (clearing trees, landscaping, construction of buildings and activity areas) 

Thank you for your service!