Wait list: Senior High Girls/Boys,
Junior High Girls/Boys, Senior Children Girls, Intermediate Children Girls.

Registration Help

Any problems with registration, please email immediately with a detailed description of the problem.

Registration open February 1, 2018. Please use your login information from last year if you are a returning camper.  This is very important.  If you have a new email address we can change it in the program before you register.  If you cannot remember your information please contact the Registrar, Teresa Parker, at and it will be sent to you.

Camp availability

Senior High: Closed
Junior High: Closed
Senior Children's: Girls (0/45) Boys (3/45)
Intermediate Children's: Girls (0/45) Boys (12/45)
Junior Children's: Girls (25/45) Boys (21/45)
Heritage Builders: Closed
Family Camp: All welcome! Contact us for cabin availability.