Deposit/Cancellation Policy

"DEPOSIT/CANCELLATION POLICY: Please be advised that the $50.00 DEPOSIT MUST BE MADE to your account WITHIN 14 DAYS of registering to ensure that your spot is held. IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED LSBC (Living Springs Bible Camp) RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION.

Refunds for registration fees are not made for any campers unable to attend, arriving late, leaving early, OR for any other reason, including health, without written notification given 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE START DATE OF THE CAMP YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR.

The $50.00 DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS." PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If your registration was completed properly, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 days of registering. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS CONFIRMATION, check your junk mail first, if it does not show up, YOUR REGISTRATION WAS NOT COMPLETED and you will need to register again. Remember all registrations are time stamped so the Registrar knows if your registration was accepted and no emails are sent if registration wasn’t completed properly. We also ask that you take care when registering. Be sure that you are choosing the correct camp. We get a number of girls registered for boy’s camps and vice versa, as well as campers showing up for the week they weren’t registered for.

Please Note: Should you show up on Registration day without having registered properly, Living Springs is not responsible for the error and is not required to make a spot for you.


Below is a copy of the Parental Permission

(this is a copy of what you agree to when registering, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)
*Required for any campers under age of 18 years

I, the legal signing parent / guardian of the registering camper, recognize that there are risks of injury and / or loss associated with such a camping program. I agree to give permission to the Leadership Team and/or Camp Medic to approve and / or obtain medical attention necessary for the campers welfare and good health. In the case of accident or illness, I am responsible for any emergency transport and hospital/physician/medical expenses. (If such a situation were to occur, I know that the camp will attempt to notify me or the other emergency contact(s) as soon as possible.) In case of extreme emergency and in lieu of my availability, I hereby give permission for qualified medical personnel to give any medical care deemed necessary.

I have read and understand the Deposit / Cancellation Policy and understand that in the event my child cannot attend the camp he/she is registered for, I must give 14 days notice prior to the start of my child's camp. I will then qualify for a discount of fees paid, but that I will lose my $50 deposit. If I cancel after 14 days, I will not receive a refund.

I have read and understand all of the information, conditions, fees, and instructions on this registration form. I also recognize that this registration form might not contain all of info I feel that I want / need to know about my child attending camp; if I wish, I can consult the camp’s website or contact the camp for more info. This registration form and medical info have been fully and truthfully completed, and I give permission for the registering camper to participate in the camp week at LSBC.

I give Living Springs Bible Camp permission to use photos/videos that may be taken of my child during the camp week for promotion, on social media or any other purposes. I am registering my child in full agreement with all of the terms and conditions stated on this form.

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