What time is registration?

Every camp registration begins at 4PM on the first day of its camp week, with supper to follow at 6PM. We recommend that you do not arrive prior to 4PM as you will be required to wait in the parking lot (also see Q3).

What time is pick up?

Please plan on picking up your child on the last day of camp between 12 and 1PM. Lunch is served for all campers and parents. Parents are welcome to come early and join in on the last Chapel (usually around 11AM, but subject to change; please phone ahead for exact time).

Should I arrive early to sign up for the good activities?

We do not recommend coming early. Campers will sign up with their cabins in a random order after supper so there is no reason to come early. Also, only Senior and Junior High camps sign up for activities. All Children camps do activities with their cabin which are pre-determined (also see Q4).

Will my child get the "good" activities?

The Children camps are divided up to give each child a chance at each activity without overlap. If there are too many cabins and not enough spaces for a "good" activity, or if an activity is canceled due to weather, we attempt to give kids the option of going during free time. Same goes for Senior and Junior High camps; if a teen was unable to sign up for an activity, we will attempt to give the option during free time.

What is the theme for?

The theme is used just for fun. Games are made out of it and we encourage each camper to bring a related costume to wear during "theme day."

The 2019 theme is Safari.

When are the Retreats?

Living Springs will sometimes hold retreats during the year to any Senior High camper who attended camp in the previous season. These retreats do not have set dates as it depends on staffing levels and availability (see question Q7). Check the website often during the year to see if any retreats are coming up.

Are staff paid or volunteer?

All our staff are volunteer during the summer months and at any retreats during the year. As well, registration and this website are run by volunteers. The only exception are staff who are considered "Full Time" (working five or more weeks during the summer) as they have the ability to fundraise money to help support them while at camp. Living Springs gives a small honorarium to staff who work during the summer. Please note that most staff are in post secondary schooling and this affects staffing levels during the summer and during any retreats.

What happens during bad weather?

During weather where safety becomes a concern, all staff and campers are moved to the Dining Hall. The Dining Hall was built in 2012 and is considered our storm building. Not only is it good looking, but it keeps us safe.

How do I contact the camp?

The camp phone number is 780-781-2636. This number will only be answered during the camp season and retreats. However, you may leave a voice mail at any time during the year and we will get back to you. For better response, we encourage you to send us a message here.

Are campers allowed cell phones? Even just for pictures?

No. All cell phones are taken away and locked up for the week. We encourage campers to leave all cell phones/MP3 players at home. If a camper is required to use his phone (needs a phone number, etc.) then the camper will be granted monitored access during his/her use.

Who do I tell if I don't want my child in the same cabin as another?

We understand that some kids don't get along and we want everyone to have a great time. So please register your child as normal and then send an email to our registrar, Teresa, by clicking here (or send to lsbcregistrar@gmail.com) explaining your request and we will be happy to try and make your request. Please note that we cannot guarantee anything and cabin lists are subject to change.

I forgot to list a cabin buddy, what do I do?

No problem! As long as today isn't the day your child is going to camp, there is still time to send in your request! Please email us your request. Note that we cannot guarantee anything and cabin lists are subject to change.